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Maintaining anonymity is very important to me and my clients.
Names have only been attributed with explicit consent.

In just a few weeks, Hannah has supported me to identify key areas of development in both my personal and professional life. The focussed and confidential sessions has allowed for a thorough, deep dive into the areas which matter most to me; and I can already start to see the benefits long term. Many thanks Hannah.

S, United Kingdom

“Hannah is an amazing Life Coach. She is very empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. She can help anyone gain clarity, make great change, and create next steps. She is very supportive and know exactly how to move anyone closer to their goals.”

Fatma AlQooz, Qatar

“I have been coached by Hannah and highly recommend her. Hannah’s expertise, valuable skills, presence and knowledge all supported me beautifully in creating path breaking awareness for myself. She has the ability to hold space for you and intuitively know how to create maximum value and impact in 60 minutes!”


“...I am always happy at the end of our sessions and always positive about how the session has concluded, which has given me a good outlook, a better thinking process and better understanding of myself...”

PD, United Kingdom

“Hannah has the ability to set you at ease from the first moment. Her smile is heart warming and she connects on a deeper level. Hannah has it all!”


"Coaching with Hannah is a fantastic experience. I felt totally accepted and taken care of, and effortlessly moved from being confused and lost to feeling hopeful in a very short time.
She has a unique gift and I believe she can truly make a difference
in people's lives..."

Francesca De Petris, UK

"I love how Hannah is capable of making me dwell into my inner thoughts and discover my strength from within. The coaching sessions I have had with her were incredibly efficient."

Rania Hussant, Thehelicoptermommy, Dubai​

"Hannah consistently shows exceptional strategic and operational insight in handling manpower-related issues and core HR functions across cultural barriers and communication problems. She is always keen to follow up on the desired outcome of an activity, and proactively shares resources to address a need or an issue. She is always on point, results driven, and meticulous. Her understanding of cultural diversity is a great advantage in her understanding of our staff issues. She makes things happen."

Walid Aly Afify El Saady, Managing / Medical Director, Lotus Dental Center

"Hannah is an exceptional HR leader and professional and I have learnt a lot from her. She consistently delivers in a challenging environment; managing the requirements and needs of a variety of colleagues. Hannah has a determined way about her to get the job done and at the same time is adept enough to put people at ease through her calm manner – a remarkable skill to have. She is supportive of her team, ensuring she mentors and coaches effectively whilst at the same time allowing her team to develop and grow. Hannah has the vision to see beyond the immediate/medium term and ensures that colleagues are effectively brought together as one to deliver whatever project is needing to be completed."

Tan Razaq, Head of HR

"Hannah is a fountain of HR knowledge. She is the ‘go to’ person whenever there is a problem that needs solving. She thoroughly understands the business and is always able to navigate through complex situations and ensures the delivery of successful outcomes that are operationally workable to achieve the required business outcomes. She is a great listener, planner, strategic thinker and takes the time to understand the issues at hand before designing and delivering effective solutions, in partnership with Senior Managers. Her ability to think outside of the box and constantly deliver is unmeasurable."

Simon Tolaram, Assistant Head

"Hannah is my mentor, a pillar of strength and has been of support to me through an extremely difficult time I faced during a grievance at work. Through her exceptional HR knowledge and skills, Hannah helped me find the strength within myself to have the courage to stand up for myself. Without Hannah, I would not have been able
to succeed in achieving a financial settlement from the
company in Court."


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