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My name is Hannah Balogun and I have spent two decades working in Human Resources, predominantly within the Education Sector in the UK and internationally. 

I am a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD, a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership & Management, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, a Credentialed Coach with the International Coaching Federation, a Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and an accredited Resilient Leaders Consultant. 


I sit on the Board of Governors for a local ‘outstanding rated’ British School. I am also the Chair of the HR Sub-Committee, working closely with the Senior Leadership team to ensure strategic input is in line with the School's aims and objectives, whilst maintaining HR excellence within the School.  

My passion has always been supporting leaders and people to reach their best. Whilst Counselling and Coaching have always formed part of my roles, I believe that the true enabler for individuals and teams to thrive is through Coaching. 

Leadership COACHING

Be supported as a leader to drive transformational change and maximise your abilities and performance, bringing out the best in your teams; leading to more effective working with others. You will experience profound change. 


I work with executives, high potential employees and developing teams to help them gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve their development objectives and unlock their potential. I coach the whole person (not just the individual doing the role). Whatever comes up for each individual (and for those as part of a team) is a great exploration path to fulfill organisational and personal goals.


I partner with organisations and businesses who see people as their most precious resource. With this in mind, we work together to establish your HR requirements. I do this by taking the time to understand the business needs and the direction the organisations want to progress in. Solutions are tailored and can provide lasting results with commitment from all stakeholders. 


Through mentoring, I use my HR knowledge and experiences to support the development of individuals who want to start a career in HR and People Professionals who want to succeed in getting to the next level in their career.  I provide a range of support, a solid basis of knowledge transfer and experiences, supporting individuals to develop new skills and to reach their career and professional HR goals. 


Establish ways of working which will allow us to create the foundation for our coaching/consulting relationship.


Explore the ways in which we work together for a deep and meaningful, trustful partnership which will co- exist; for the the coaching/consulting relationship journey to develop and grow. 


  • Maintain confidentiality and trust; our sessions remain between us

  • Support you by asking you powerful questions which means you delving deep inside which in turn will support you in gaining awareness 

  • Stay curious and ask you questions, stretch you to think about what lies within, which will lead to your personal/business growth if you choose to take action 

  • Support you to gain new awareness 

  • Support you to create an impactful change that will be long lasting if you choose to stay committed 

  • Support  and challenge you to gain the deep insight required to lead to the personal refinement that you desire. I believe that all people are naturally resourceful, creative and whole and have all the answers within.


Well, you will have to see for yourself! 


You can create results that are long lasting for you and your business; as you are your own true enabler of change within your life. 


Start on your path to living your best life, creating an impact and adding value.


Contact me for a free sample session. 

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